​Brow Transformation

​​​Suzie Waldrep

Suzie Waldrep ~ Permanent Make-up Artist

Suzie has several years experience with permanent makeup and with Microblading Brows

As the owner operator of Eyebrow Transformations, Suzie wants to make your transformation as pain free as possible and provide you with a service that has no to little downtime for you.  Being able to proceed with your busy life is our goal.
​All procedures are performed in a Dr's office and under a local anesthetic if necessary, your beauty transformation is our goal to be an enjoyable experience that allows you to have a lifestyle that is wake up beautiful and ready to go.
Some people are lucky enough to wake up beautiful with perfect brows, eyes and lips, but that's not the case for most of us.  You may need a little help to have a natural or bold look to make your face have that lucky enough appearance.  There are many styles of permanent makeup from a very natural semi-permanent look, to a very bold look that looks like you spent hours working on yourself.  That's our goal!
Beauty is something we all want and sometimes we just don't have that perfect shape on our brow, so we just want that look.  As we age, we just can't get that same look as when we were younger so we want to have a help and look good without have to draw on brows, eyeliner or lips.  So that's why a Transformation is what you need.