​Brow Transformation

​​​Suzie Waldrep

Brow Transformation Services

These are some of the services provided and quality of work.

Permanent and Semi Permanent makeup can make your life so much easier.  Remember it is a tattoo, it is on your face, and it is more expensive to fix bad work.

Microblading Eyebrow

Luscious Lips

Eyebrows are so important to our faces and make us look younger and prettier.  There are different styles of Permanent Eyebrows but Microblading is a very natural look.

Lip color makes our lips look fuller and can shape uneven lips.  As we age, lips look thinner and lose color, so permanent Lip Color can make a huge difference, but can always be covered with lipstick.

Permanent Make-Up Removal

Eyeliner Transformation

If you have old make-up that you would like removed in order to have your make-up redone or you don't like it, it can be removed with a few easy treatments.
Permanent Eyeliner is a great way to frame your eyes and enhance them.  Eyeliner can be thin or thick depending on your preference.